March 6, 2009

A Monogram Themed Wedding

Ladies, one of the most exciting parts of getting married is sharing your husband's last name. Sharing the same last name is a symbol of your new union and life together. You can create a beautiful and elegant expression of your union by using your monogram as the theme for your wedding and reception.

There are three ways to create your monogram:

One Letter Monogram: The first letter of your married last name. For example, the letter F from Ferguson.

Two Letter Monogram: The initials from both of your first names, joined with an ampersand (&). For example, J & D for John & Danyelle.

Three Letter Monogram: The initials from your first names and married last name. For example, JFD for John, Ferguson, Danyelle. If using this last example, then the surname (your married last name) is the initial in the middle. It does not matter what side the husband's or wife's initial is on. Play around with it and choose what you both think looks best.

Monogram tip: If you choose to use multiple letters for your monogram, consider the shape of each letter. For example, John and Danyelle Ferguson has the letters J, D, and F. The letter J's shape curves to the left, while the letter D's shape curves to the right. If you are using the three letter monogram, try to put the curves so they are facing out. JFD looks much nicer then DFJ. Likewise, the two letter monogram. When J & D faces away from each other, the curves create a rounded look, but D & J facing toward each other give a very blocky look.

Here are two examples of monograms from Moments of Elegance:

Here are some ideas to incorporate a monogram theme throughout your wedding and reception:

Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas:

Napkins from My Wedding Reception Ideas:

Wedding cake toppers by American Bridal:

As you can see, there are many beautifully elegant ways to use the monogram theme throughout your wedding and reception. If you have a question about your monogram, feel free to email me!

Happy Wedding Preparations!


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