April 9, 2009

How to Add Zing to Your Wedding

One of my friends just got engaged and emailed me with her wedding color selections - black, white, and lime green. This totally suits her personality - formal, with a touch of playful zing. Then, as I laid in bed this evening trying to get some much needed sleep, my mind kept coming up with all these awesome ideas of how to take some basic formal colors, in this case black and white, and add another color for some fabulous accents. Here are some of my ideas:

Just for the Bride

Tie some zing onto your gown by adding a colorful sash. A removable sash allows you to still wear your gown for the temple ceremony. When you return to the bridal room, you can put the sash on for wedding pictures and the upcoming reception. Sashes can be custom made with any color, material, or style your prefer.

There are lots of wonderful ways to add zing to your wedding. I hope you find some inspiration and are bursting with creative ideas for your wedding.

Smithfield Gown by LatterDay Bride
The sash on this gown is tied in the back,
creating a touch of color on the front with a dramatic sweep of sash in the back.

Prescott Gown by Latter-Day Bride
The sash on this gown is "tied" on the front,
adding a playful, but elegant look.

Bridesmaids Only Please

I love my friend's choices of black and white, which are both elegant and versatile colors. Adding a sash of lime green to either of these colors will either make it more formal (black with a lime green sash) or summery and playful (white with a lime green sash). As I searched for bridesmaid dresses, I discovered that both LatterDay Bride and Modest by Design offer custom dresses. You get to choose the design and they will make it in the colors of your choice. Here are a few bridesmaid dresses as examples:

Taffeta Gown by Modest by Design
features a contrasting wide ruched sash.

Duchess Satin Gown by Modest by Design
features a contrasting band and bow at the waist.

Plumeria Gown by LatterDay Bride
features a sash with bow in the back.

Gorgeous Groomsmen

Even the guys can get in on a little color co-ordination. You'll see from the pics below, that you can get vests, ties, and tuxedo bows to match your wedding colors. If having a vest and tie is too much color, consider wearing a vest to match the suit and the tie the accent color. Just that little bit of color truly pulls the complete bridal party look together. Also, think about if you want all of the guys wearing the accent colors, or the groom in traditional tux with just the groomsmen wearing the accent colors. Here are examples for both a white tux and a black tux with co-ordinated accessories:

Wilke-Rodriguez Two Button Satin Edge Notch Lapel Tuxedo from Men's Wearhouse

Wedding Invitations with Zing

Don't stop with your bridal party, be sure to pull your wedding colors through your whole wedding. You may find a wonderful invitation with your wedding colors on it. Another option is to choose a simple, elegant invitation and tie some organza ribbon around the middle. Here are some invitation from Wedding Paper Divas I totally loved:

Monogram Stripe - Meadow
This is an excellent example of using my friend's black and white theme with just a touch of lime green. This invitation is beautiful, simple, and elegant. I love the personalization with the monogram at the top as well.

Banded Damask - Kiwi
This invite does the exact opposite as the one above.
Instead of having the green color as an accent,
this invitation brings that fun accent color into the spotlight.
It's very bold and energetic.

Simple Elegance - Black
This is a great example of choosing a simple, but elegant invitation
then adding your accent color with some organza ribbon.
Obviously the ribbon isn't pictured here, but can't you just see some pretty lime green ribbon tied in a bow across the middle? Gorgeous!

Tie It All Together

Ribbon is an inexpensive way to co-ordinate the wedding colors throughout the wedding and reception. There are lots of options for different looks and textures - satin or organza, shiny or beaded. And there are limitless ways to use the ribbon - wrapped around candles or center-piece stands at the reception, braided into the flower girls or bridesmaids hair-dos, as well as the examples below.

Above are two unique ways to wrap bouquets with ribbon.
I love how they added the gemstone pins for bling and the beads to create a bow pattern.

These little black boxes are great for reception thank-you's.
Simply wrap a bit of ribbon around it and it totally compliments your wedding colors.
These boxes are available in a variety of colors from Beau Coup.

These personalized tags look fab on your guest gift boxes.
They would also look fantastic on the wedding bouquets (especially the one the bride tosses!),
candles, and table centerpieces.

Happy Wedding Preparations!


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