April 17, 2009

Marrying Again: What to Wear

When my husband and I bought our first home, we were lucky enough to have an incredible neighbor named Laura. I loved living next to her. She was vibrant and always had a smile on her face. Laura was also in her early 80's and had been widowed twice. I learned a lot from Laura during our two years as next door neighbors. But the greatest lesson Laura taught me is that no one is ever too old to find or renew love.

I still remember how excited Laura was to tell me about finding some of her former schoolmates online and renewing old friendships. One of those friendships bloomed into love as Laura re-connected with an old flame. Their wedding (Laura's third and his second) was truly a celebration. Laura was beautiful in her floor length bridal gown and simple veil. It was wonderfully romantic when Laura reached the front of the chapel and her soon-to-be husband took one of her hands and raised it to his lips. You could just feel the sigh from all the ladies in attendance.

Today, it's quite common to meet couples marrying for their second or third time because of either the death of a spouse or divorce. No matter the circumstances, the most important thing to remember is that it's not the number that's important, but the celebration of your love, union, and commitment to each other. If the couple wants to have a huge splashy wedding and reception, then go for it! Other couples may prefer a more intimate, casual gathering with family and friends. The couple should talk together, and include any children they may have, to decide what type of setting they'd like for their wedding.

One of my readers asked what to wear to a second marriage that is not going to be formal. Than answer is - anything you'd like! Color is no boundary - white is perfectly fine. Today, white is a symbol of joy rather than virginity. Also, remember that before Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding, brides got married in their best dress of any color. The only color I would caution against (and this is just my personal opinion) is black. While black can be elegant, it's a dark color usually associated with sadness or death. But like I said, that's my personal opinion. If black is your favorite color to wear, then that may be the color you'd like for your bridal outfit.

When considering what to wear for your wedding, think about the setting. If it's not formal, how "less-than-formal" will it be? You can find very simple, but beautiful wedding dresses. Other options are cocktail dresses, dress suits, or a pant suit. Some brides even get married in jeans and a dressy top!

I did some research and found a variety of outfits as examples.

Eternity Gowns #8913
Matte satin sheath with gathered empire waist accented with lightly jeweled band.

Eternity Gowns #8302
Matte satin mermaid with three-quarter length bell sleeves.

Eternity Gowns #7902
Beaded Georgette sheath with bias cut ruffles, double flutter sleeves and a sweep train.

Alex Evenings Beaded Jacket Dress

There are many options of beautiful outfits for an encore bride. I would like to point out that the most, most, most (yes, I really mean it!) important part of choosing your bridal outfit is that you absolutely love it and feel gorgeous in it. Because no matter if it's your first or fifth marriage, one thing remains true - every bride wants her groom to think she's so beautiful, he can't take his eyes off her. And ladies, your groom will feel that way if you feel that way, too. So go out, shop, and enjoy finding the perfect outfit for your wedding day!

Happy Wedding Preparations!


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