January 19, 2009

Bridal Veil Series: The Search for the Perfect Headpiece

So far, we've talked about the history of bridal veils and the order of things to do before choosing a veil. Let's quickly review that list:

1. Choose your gown.
2. Decide on a hairstyle.
3. Go veil hunting!

Now that you're in the veil hunting stage, there's actually another list to work on.

1. Choose a headpiece.
2. Decide on a veil length, material, and color.
3. Consider which embellishments, if any, you'd like on your veil (ribbon-edging, sewn-on pearls, etc)

Today, we are going to talk about the list's first step: Choosing a headpiece.

There's a huge variety of headpieces, each with their own blend of pearls, crystals, rhinestones, sequins, and more. I suggest visiting a few websites to see which headpiece styles you prefer. Some fantastic websites with a plethora of headpieces are Bridal Fashion Mall, Bridal Headpieces, Wedding Veil, David's Bridal, and VeiluBridal. Then hit the stores and try on headpieces in those specific styles. You may find a specific style you love online, but first try on a similar style in the store to make sure that's the one you want. Then if they don't carry it, order it online. Once you find your headpiece, you can start trying different lengths and styles of veils to complete the your bridal look.

Now, let's talk more about headpieces styles.

Crowns & Tiaras
This is it!The ultimate princess accessory! Crowns and tiaras are very glamorous and considered a symbol of posterity. Although many people wonder what the difference is between a crown and a tiara. It's hard to tell as they both can have very similar styles. But there actually is something that makes one stand out from the other. A crown is either a full decorative circle (like a crown). Sometimes the decorative section of the crown doesn't complete the full circle, but ends about three-quarters of they way around, then dips in the back to create a different style for your veil. On the other hand, tiaras are more like a little girl's dress-up tiara. There's a front section of crown-like decoration, but sides to attach it are either hair combs or thin metal like a headband.

Crown photos courtesy of Bridal Headpieces.

Tiara photos courtesy of USA Bride.

Bent Bands
These headpieces are shaped like footballs, but curved to sit on top of your head. (Didn't expect me to bring up sports in my wedding blog, did you? See, wedding details can be guy-friendly too.) These headpieces look fabulous with either an up-do or with hair spilling out from the back. Generally the veil is attached to the lower back of the headpiece. This headpiece gives the illusion of having a continuous decorative band wrapping around your head.

Bent Band photos courtesy of Bridal Headpieces.

Hair Combs (aka Short Arches)
If you're looking for something that is simple to remove during your reception, hair combs are an excellent option. Basically, they are a "short arch" of pearls, rhinestones, etc attached to either a metal or clear plastic hair comb. Some combs are smaller than others. Be sure to consider your hair style and hair texture. This style also looks great whether you choose an up-do or leave your hair down. This was my choice when choosing a headpiece for my wedding. I had shoulder length hair that I wanted to leave down. I wanted something that would be easy to put in, but also easy to remove for dancing during our reception. The hair comb headpiece worked wonderfully!
Hair Comb photos courtesy of David's Bridal.

If you're wearing your hair down, but would like to have it pulled back a bit from your face, then a headband is a fantastic headpiece option. Headbands come in a variety of styles - from a simple elegant satin band to the fancier pearl or rhinestone embellishments.

Headband photos courtesy of David's Bridal.

Wreaths and Hair Rings
These headpieces are circular with veils in the back. The hair rings are a complete circle sitting at the bottom of your up-do. Wreaths are open in the back and wrap around your up-do, then the veil is on a hair comb and is placed separately from the wreath.

Wreath and Hair Ring photos courtesy of Bridal Headpieces.

Floral Spray
A floral spray is a headpiece made with either silk or fresh flowers. I recommend using silk flowers as fresh flowers can be quite heavy depending on your style and you don't have to worry about them falling off or wilting.

Floral Spray photos courtesy of Bridal Headpieces.

Bridal Hats
If you're planning a themed wedding or want something less dramatic than a huge veil, consider a tastefully designed bridal hat. Also, if this is your second marriage and you don't want a traditional veil, then a hat would fit in fabulously! Also, I love the web veils that surround these hats. Aren't they gorgeous?

Bridal Hat photos courtesy of Bridal Headpieces.

Brow Bands (aka V-Bands)
These headpieces sit lightly on your head and come to a point about mid-forehead. They are secured on your head with hair combs. The veil can be sewn onto the back or attached with a comb for easy removal. Brow bands lend a very dramatic look to your bridal attire.

Brow Band photos courtesy of VeiluBridal.

Hair Jewelry
Hair Jewelry is the perfect accent to any wedding hairstyle - from the bride to the bridesmaid, short or long hair, veil or no veil. The options are only limited to your stylist's creative talents.

Hair Jewelry photos courtesy of David's Bridal.

Hair Jewelry bridal hairstyle photos courtesy of weddinghair.com

As you've seen, there are options galore when it comes to bridal headpieces. I wish you luck on your hunt for the perfect headpiece to complement your bridal style!