February 27, 2009

A Note of Thanks

Thank you notes are an absolute essential for bridal showers and wedding gifts. They acknowledge the receipt of your gift, as well as your thankfulness in receiving it.

There are many "rules and guidelines" when it comes to writing and sending thank you cards. I have several friends who years after their wedding still have a cousin or some other relative who isn't happy because their thank you card didn't come in a timely manner, or thought the wording wasn't "appreciative enough."

Personally, I am terrible when it comes to sending thank you notes. Seriously terrible. Even now, when someone brings me dinner or a gift, I verbally tell them thank you and am very honest in letting them know I'm terrible at sending notes - but that I truly appreciate their help or gift. Since I hate writing thank you notes so much, I never expect to get one. And if I do, I just glance over it, then into the recycle bin it goes.

Note to reader: This technique does NOT work for weddings. Not one little bit! (Trust me, I know!)

With my flawed thank you note skills, I turned to the internet to research proper thank you note etiquette. Some tips I think were ridiculous, others important to remember. Here are a few of the important ones:

1. Time Lines: Bridal shower thank you notes should be sent out within 10 days. Wedding thank you notes should be sent out within 2 weeks after returning from your honeymoon. (Just for this reason, all couples should take a full two week honeymoon!!!)

2. Thank you notes don't need to be long, but not matter the length they should be warm and show you appreciate the giver's thoughtfulness.

3. Be sure to put your new return address on the envelopes. Your family and friends will appreciate having this updated information for their Christmas card lists. I suggest ordering new return address labels before you get married.

A note about pre-printed thank you cards: Many etiquette "experts" say this is a faux-pas, but if you are as terrible at sending thank you notes as I am, then you may want to consider this method. My hubby and I had our cards pre-printed with a beautiful thank you for sharing our day and celebrating the beginning of our new life together. Yes, a handwritten thank you is definitely better than a pre-printed one . . . But a pre-printed thank you note is better than no thank you note at all. Be realistic and plan according to your needs.

There's only one redeeming quality to your anticipated writer's cramp . . . Totally awesome thank you notes. Check out some of these fabulous cards from Exclusively Weddings:

A Sweet Note
Color Chic with pale pink border

A Touch of Romance
Letterpress LOVE Note Card

Colorful Chic Monogram

Boldly Beautiful
Black Brocade Notes

Whimsical Silhouette
Butterfly Kisses in Black Note Card

I have just one more bit of advice for your thank you note marathon - take lots of breaks for kisses and chocolate!

Happy Wedding Preparations!


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