February 20, 2009

Signed with Love

Guest books are essential for any wedding reception - no matter how intimate or large your gathering may be. Guest books are one of those sentimental items you'll love to pull out over the years, read through, and remember all your family, friends, and co-workers.

When you think of a guest book, most likely you think of something like this traditional book from USA Bride (all of the products featured today are from USA Bride). Traditional guest books may be white or black - some even come in other colors as well. They are all the same in that when you open the book, it's filled with blank lined pages where your guests will sign their names, and possibly add their addresses. If you're planning a truly large reception then a traditional book would be perfect.

If you're looking for a book and find that the traditional rectangular ones are a bit on the boring side for you, then consider something a bit more flirty such as this heart shaped guest book.

Another fun twist on the traditional book, but still have lots of room for guest signatures, is this photo album guest book. I've seen variations of this idea and it's really fun for the guests to flip through and browse the engagement or bridal photos. It also gives the wedding couple something fun to look at as they reminisce and remember their wedding guests.

But what if your reception is on a smaller scale or is truly going to be an intimate affair with just family and close friends? In this case, you may not be very excited about having a big book with lots of blank pages. There are other options besides the traditional book. For instance, this guest book platter would be such fun for an intimate reception.

For a more elegant display, consider these photo frame guest books. You could have lots of fun choosing pictures and mat sizes with this idea. I think a square 10x10 black mat with 5x5 black and white engagement photos or bridal photos in the center would look absolutely elegant. Your guests could sign with silver or gold metallic colored pens. What a beautiful display they would make in your new home.

Speaking of pens . . . No matter what type of guest book you choose, be sure to have your guests sign using acid-free, archival quality pens. Believe me, these are mementos you want to last for more than just one lifetime. You'll want your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to be able to enjoy them just as much as you will.

Happy Wedding Preparations!


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